Founded by Ted, Jim, and Greg in 1990, KSH Architects is an award-winning architecture firm based in San Francisco, California.


With a team of around 30 talented architects and designers, our firm strikes a unique balance between size and agility. We have the capacity to handle complex projects of any scale while remaining nimble enough to offer our clients a more tailored experience. We understand that every project is different, and our adaptability allows us to deliver customized solutions perfectly suited to our clients’ goals.


Unlike in traditional firm structures where projects are passed to new teams at the end of each phase, our project teams remain constant throughout design, production, and construction. This continuity provides every team member with the comprehensive project knowledge and experience needed to make informed design and technical decisions without unnecessary layers of filtering.


We have a long and successful track record of designing and managing projects for a wide range of clients including corporate and commercial developments, academic facilities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services including master planning, building design, space planning, interior design, historic renovation, and project management.


We believe that close, personal relationships lead to successful projects, which is why over 75% of our work comes from repeat clients. At the heart of these relationships is our commitment to providing thoughtful, creative, and value-driven solutions that yield timeless and resilient architecture.